Education During Jim Crow System

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1858 words

African Americans suffered from racism during Jim Crow system for many years. “Racism is the belief that the physical characteristics of a person or group determines their capabilities and that one group is naturally superior to other groups”(United Nations Human Rights). On other words, racism means anyone has different physical characteristics such as color skin or gender is lower than the majority or another group. Slavery in the United States began after English colonists settled and continue for many years (Kenion, 1912). During slavery years, The Americans transferred African men and women to the US to work in farms, housekeeping and serve white people. After many years, the African Americans demanded for their freedom and equality with white people. As a result, the white Americans created Jim Crow system. The Jim Crow laws were racial segregation laws and used from 1876 to 1965 in the United States. The laws used to organize life between African Americans and white people. The system was dealing with African Americans as second level citizenries and withe people as first citizenries. African American could not get the simple rights such as qualified education and health care. For example, North Carolina schools were racially segregated because Jim Crow system say’s that, African American and white students should study in separate and equal schools. In fact, schools in North Carolina were separate, but not equal. By 1875, “public education in North Carolina was a legally ordained system” (Kenion, 1912). Every thing was separate such as facilities, teachers, resources, and students. In North Carolina, African American and white students had been attended segregated public schools. However, the schools were unequal. The whi... ... middle of paper ... ...rimination for many years especially during Jim Crow system. Discrimination costs the US government a lot of money and many of innocent white people and African American died or got harmful injuries. Foe example, “in 1965, south community riots killing thirty-four, injuring nine hundred and causing $40 million in damage” (Kelly Rudd). One of the rights that African American asked for it was education. The African Americans students during Jim Craw South did not have enough schools and had un-qualified and un-enough teachers, but white students had enough schools, enough number of qualified teachers. In 1970s, the US government leaders made a brave decision, which enrolled the African American students in white schools, colleges, and universities. Nowadays, the US succeeded to eliminate discrimination between white people and African Americans especially in schools.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that african americans suffered from racism during the jim crow system, which began after english colonists settled and continued for many years.
  • Explains that the us government helped and supported white schools by spending a lot of money to build schools for white students.
  • Explains that african americans had un-enough schools during the jim crow system, and that the government did not support them.
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