Education Budget Cuts

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President Obama once stated, "Even as we find ways to cut spending, what we can't do is cut back on investments like education that will help us create jobs and grow our economy." Over the past three years, President Obama has done an exceptional job in guiding America's education system through its major money-based problem and money-based recession, and utilizing the change and reform that we need to better prepare children for he challenges of competing successfully in the 21st century worldwide economy. In the Money-related Year of 2013 the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 delivered almost $100 billion to states, school districts, pot-secondary institutions, and students to help with the decreasing budget and to help meet the educational needs of Americans in the moment of one the worst serious money-based problem since the Great Depression. This work that's done helped to save and create about 400,000 jobs, including 325,000 education jobs. President Obama used the ARRA funds to promote something big and important that changes people's thinking or lives. With his many successful good changes in the year of 2010, he proposes a far-reaching reauthorization plan for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. A blueprint for this new reform created a new vision among the Federal role in education as supporting more flexible, new and interesting, approaches to teaching and learning that would allow states, school districts, principals and teachers to make better and more productive use of existing resources. The President's 2013 budget plan would build on things that were completed by enabling the expansion of successful good changes that are already in place by supporting new attempts to begin something new to incr...

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...ake time to think of scenarios like that. The power of knowledge and the thirst to learn should be taken to full advantage, and sometimes assistance is needed.

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