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Panorama Ridge Secondary School had approximately 1500 students at the beginning of 2014 from which 7-10% of the student population consists of students with exceptionalities. I am one of those students, and over my secondary schooling period I have had the assistance of an EA (Educational Assistant). An EA has many responsibilities both inside and outside the classroom; they not only help with class work, but help students grow into a strong independent individual. This is an essay showing how all the EA’s that have worked with me have helped me reach my goals and accomplishments in the past 12 years of schooling, while helping me plan my future goals. I am hoping that this essay will also show how the EA’s go above and beyond their duties to help the students succeed. My EA’s supported me to make choices according to situations, options, and resources and always be reasonable, however sometime I am not able to see the consequences right away. My EA’s supported me to make good choices and to learn about good or bad consequences. I prefer to get choices, as often as possible. They helped me to identify my strengths and interest; therefore I made my choice to take admission in the ‘Stage Craft Diploma’ at Douglas. I believe choice making brings the interest and additional efforts in that work. When I had difficulties, the EA’s looked at the class environment, from my point of view and flexibility in term of curriculum and evaluation. My EA’s and I keep high expectations from me which gives me a boost to achieve good grades and grasp knowledge from school, teachers and available resources regarding the work field. I believe risk taking could be a one effective strategy while EA’s are working with student with exceptionalities to e... ... middle of paper ... ...cope of improvement. The purpose to improve the system is to bridge the gap between strengths and needs for a better outcome by doing early assessment and bringing more EA’s into the school system. An EA can give support and skills to the students with exceptionalities to get accepted academically and socially in school and society. EA’s job is not limited to academic only moreover the help students learn Self awareness, self management, self advocacy, knowing about the strengths and limitation and goal setting etc. which are the great skills to make positive change in life for students with exceptionalities. It is important to start embracing us with these strengths in young age so that we can grow and shine with self confidence. Students with exceptionalities can learn to live independently, as normal as possible and be an important part of school and a community.
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