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“Creating and maintaining an orderly, productive classroom environment has long been viewed as one of the essential elements in teaching competence” (Evertson 1). As a future teacher I am very passionate about educating students. In my classroom I want to spend my time teaching, not having to deal with classroom interruptions. Many of my education classes discuss the topic of classroom management. However, one of the main concerns associated with classroom management is, that most beginning teachers end up leaving the profession due to having trouble managing their classrooms. Upon hearing this, questions raced through my mind, am I capable? Is there a way I can prevent that from happening to me? What are some classroom management theories? And what are the key factors in managing a classroom? The reason I asked myself am I capable, was due to the fact that I was terrified of failing and not continuing. The capability of managing a classroom plays a huge factor in the classroom itself. This year I got to experience managing a classroom for the first time. Currently, I am a teacher in a program held at U of M-Dearborn on Saturdays, AhlulBayt Academy, an Islamic/Arabic school for children. I hold the position of teaching fourth grade girls; despite that I am majoring in secondary education, it allows me to experience teaching. Classes first started in October, and when I first walked in I was a nervous wreck! What if they don’t like me? Will they listen to me? Etc. At that time, I was taking EDA 205 with Professor John Black. Many strategies were used from that class including, creating a family like atmosphere, having the students get to know each other, and so on. Furthermore, Professor Lecureux stepped in for Professor Blac... ... middle of paper ... ... understanding what I expect and can easily complete their assignments. As a future teacher, I think it is important as well to be completely open and truthful with students. I also noticed that compromising with them in regards to their concerns over grades and assignments helps with keeping an open communication; doing so allows them to know that we care. Students ought to realize that the teacher is the expert, but everyone makes mistakes and showing them at times is perfectly normal. After further researching into classroom management, I came to the realization that I am capable of handling a classroom. I am capable of preventing what happened to other teachers, because I will not give up. Teaching is my passion, my true calling, neither am I doing this for the money or the vacations. Rather I’m doing it for the love I have of helping people achieve their goals.
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