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Many of the topics in this online course were meant to introduce novice teachers into the complex field of education in which we teacher-rising students will enter in just a few short years. Education 101 focused on the professional aspects of becoming a teacher, the sociological aspects that affect how both students and teachers behave inside and outside of the classroom, the overall governance and structure of the American education system, considering how the American education system has change over time, considering the philosophical aspects in teaching and learning, and finally considering curricular aspects of education through the evaluation of your students. Due to a societal and a historical view that teaching is the field that…show more content…
There are currently three different levels of funding that schools receive: funding from the federal government, funding from the state government, and funding from the local taxpayers. At the local level, there is a school board and a superintendent present that oversee the activities of a single school district. The United States is composed of several thousand of these school districts.
I also had to observe a school board meeting where I saw numerous debates about what school board members thought would be best for the education and safety of their students. This observation confirmed that all decision that are made, no matter how big or small, all have an impact on the education and learning of students.
The next section of the course dealt with the actual history of the American education system. In the beginning (colonial times), all schools worked by themselves and acted as many “private schools” that we see today. The curriculum in these old private schools were very classical in nature since this curriculum included subjects such as Latin and Shakespeare studies. Over time, these schools were replaced by academies that had a more “practical” curriculum which included subjects such as basic reading, writing, and mathematics and sciences. Over time, these academies were replaced by other newer schools. These newer schools then united together and this created
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There is a spectrum of authoritarian-based practices and nonauthoritarian-based practices that explain many things that go on in a classroom. Some characteristics of a class that can be explained by this spectrum are: if the type of instruction used in the class is teacher-centered or student-centered instruction, how the classroom is set up physically, what type of motivation do students have in learning new material in that specific class, as well as many other characteristics.
I realize that it is extremely important in creating your own educational philosophy if you ever want to be able to have students who are able to learn at their full potentials. It is one thing to just throw a lesson together, but if you don’t understand what aspects of the lesson are causing the students to learn at their full potential, then you really can’t ensure that they will continue to learn at their full potentials since these strategies may not work for all of your lessons or

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