Educating Students With Children With Disabilities

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Enforcing discipline in the classroom can be a difficult task for educators, especially when working with students with disabilities. While students with disabilities do need to be disciplined, it is important they are not being punished for something directly caused by their disability. Unfortunately, this can lead to confusion with what to do when a student with a disability acts out. IDEA does not restrict disciplining students with disabilities. In fact, according to the National Association of School Psychologists’ assistant executive director, Kevin Dwyer (1997), “There is nothing in IDEA that restricts schools from disciplining children with disabilities. In fact, some would say that, by not addressing these dangerous behaviors, the student with special needs is not receiving an "appropriate" education.” (p. 1) Educators need to be familiar with how to act in certain behavioral situations, especially with issues that may make the classroom unsafe. Keeping a well-maintained and safe environment for students and faculty is very important and it is up to the school systems to im...
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