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Ernst Eduard Kummer
Ernst Eduard Kummer made a large impact on the world of mathematics and helped discover and understand different properties of trigonometry and geometry. He helped prove Fermat’s Last Theorem, also known as Fermat’s conjunction. Kummer introduced the idea of “ideal” numbers can go in for infinity. xm-ym=zm. In this case m must be greater than two, and a whole number. Kummer soon found out that that works for all whole prime numbers less the 100 to be m. He won an award at the French Academy of Science for this work. The French Academy of Science had been holding the award to give to the man or women whom completely solved Fermat’s Last Theorem. Yet, the Academy decided that Kummer’s accomplishment was the closest thing to solving it.
On Kummer’s road of life, this extended from his birthday January 29, 1810 to May 4, 1893, his date of death. He attended school at the University of Halle in Wittenberg, taught at the University of Berlin for ten years, and contributed to mathematics throughout his life.
Starting from a poor background, Ernst Kummer really made his way up. It is so inspiring to see what intelligence can earn you, not only a good education and grades, but scholarships and a future.
Kummer was born to Carl Gotthelf Kummer and Sophie Rothe in Sorau, Brandenburg, Germany. His father passed away when Kummer was 3-years-old. Carl Kummer was a physician and originally Ernst Kummer aspired to be like his him. After the very tragic loss, Kummer’s mom, Sophie, worked her hardest to raise him and his brothers and sisters. His sister, Rebecca Mendelssohn Bartholdy was married to the famous mathematician, Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet. Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet is known for the numbers theory. Dirichlet ...

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...mply because they had a larger role played in what they did.
There are so many amazing men and women from this time period that really affected the way the world is today. Generations carry out through generations and on and on, the world will never stop growing and expanding in knowledge. It is a crazy thought that one day we may know everything. Although, that is highly unlikely because the world around us is always changing. It is a here today gone tomorrow kind of thing. Mathematics has also improved the way we live by improving technology. With technology we have come a long way, advancing in travel, internet, and just about everything else around you. It is crazy how one thing can link to the next. Ernst Kummer’s role in the world of mathematics did not just stop when he died because it is still being added to today, about one-hundred and twenty years later!
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