Edmund Kemper: The Co-Ed Killer

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The serial killer, Edmund Kemper a.k.a “The Co-ed Killer” was born on December 18, 1948. Kemper did not have a good relationship with his mom, who was an alcoholic and abusive towards her children. At ten years old she made him live in the basement because she thought he would hurt his sisters. As a child, Kemper had horrible fantasies such as killing his mother and stated that in order to kiss a teacher he had a crush on, he would have to kill her. Kemper would make his sisters play a game where they would tie him to a chair in a “gas chamber” and he would squirm in pain until he “died”. Additionally Kemper would act out sexual fantasies with his sister's dolls and cut their heads off. To begin his murder streak, Kemper killed his cats. When…show more content…
After shooting and killing small animals and birds, Kemper’s Grandparents took away his rifle. When fifteen years old, Kemper shot and killed his Grandma at the kitchen table after an argument. When his Grandpa got home, he shot him by his car and hid his body. Kemper then called his mom and told her what he did, she urged him call the police and confess. Kemper said he shot his Grandma “to see what it felt like to kill my Grandma” and killed his Grandpa so he wouldn’t know his wife had been killed. He was sent to the California Youth Authority, and went through many tests. They revealed he had a high IQ and paranoid Schizophrenia. Kemper was emitted to Atascadero State Hospital which is a hospital with maximum security for mentally sick patients. He was discharged six years later, at age twenty-one. His prison doctors recommended that he shouldn't move in with his mother, because of the past abuse and his psychological problems, but he moved in with her…show more content…
Next, Kemper brought their bodies to his apartment, removed their heads and hands and proceeded to commit sexual actions with their remains. He would then dispose the bodies in ravines or bury them in fields. Later in the year, on September 14, Kemper had picked up a fifteen year old girl, who chose to hitchhike rather than ride the bus to her ballet class. She received a mutual fate as those two college girls, however Kemper put the girl’s head in his mother's garden, as some sort of sadistic joke. He later stated that his mom “always wanted people to look up to her”. Kemper ended up killing six hitchhikers or college students from May 1972 to February 1973, all receiving the same acts. He was usually on the prowl after arguments with his mom, which might have been his motive to kill her too. In April 1973, while Kemper’s mother was sleeping, he beat her in the head with a pick hammer. Kemper then cut off her head and raped his mother’s body. Soon after, he used her head as a dartboard and tossed her vocal chords into the garbage disposal. Kemper later said “That seemed appropriate…” because of how his mother had yelled and screamed at him throughout his life. After killing his mom and hiding what was left of her body, Kemper invited his mother’s good friend over. He proceeded to strangle, kill and hide her corpse
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