Edge of Obession

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There was only one road she could take now. Grace wrung the water from her wet hair and draped her jacket by the fire to dry. She hoped that this rain would let up enough for her to enjoy the summer weather. For the last four days it had been raining nonstop and she hadn’t been able to enjoy nature. With a sigh she looked at her work table and settled down to run some tests. For years she’d poured herself into research for finding a cure for Lycanthropy. Her father was a werewolf and the life they’d been resigned to live was unfair. It was impossible for him to hold down a job with his condition and to make matters worse he had two daughters to take care of and no wife to help him along. Her mother died when she was young and Grace remembered nothing about her. Her older sister Lucinda left home the first moment she could and went to live in the US. Robert didn’t blame his first born daughter for leaving home. Grace knew that Lucy always felt a sort of shame being his daughter. He was subject to prejudice everywhere he turned, even his own home. Grace on the other hand had no shame whatsoever, she loved her father and his condition didn’t define him. So once she started at Hogwarts she’d been sorted into Ravenclaw and poured herself into studies. Her father became painfully ill in her seventh year and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to finish Hogwarts. Dumbledore allowed her to visit with him on weekends and her father made her promise that no matter what she’d finish school. He died during her last week of school; she went to her graduation and then came straight home to bury him. In the following months Grace dedicated herself to finding the cure for Lycanthropy. No one was willing to fund her so she would take as m... ... middle of paper ... ...d and down the narrow corridor “A bit late for the trolley isn’t it?” he asked. Grace rubbed her arm nervously “Yes but a dementor entered my compartment and I have a student in there. I needed some chocolate” She could feel her cheeks blushing under his gaze. He reached into his pocket and broke off a chunk from his bar and handed it to her. “Thank you, I’m sorry I didn’t-“Grace started but Luna’s small voice interrupted her. “Miss Hewitt, I’m okay. Honest” Luna claimed with a smile that Grace had decided was all her own. Turning back to the man she’d run into she gave him a thankful smile. “I should go make sure she’s alright” Grace told the man who only smiled at her and they both went their separate ways. In their compartment Grace gave Luna the chocolate and ate some herself. The train was moving once more and hopefully there wouldn’t be any more delays.
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