Edgar Allen Poe 's Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Dark romantic literature has delved into the pits of man’s soul, through the use of psychology, to showcase a new take on the horror one can experience. It is this literature that touches all who reads it with a cold hand through exploiting a common fear shared by most. In Edgar Allen Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher” Poe creates an ominous and eerie set of circumstances that incites pure fear into the narrator through his use of the Gothic Elements and Psychology to exploit the narrator’s fear of insanity to create the single effect of fear. Poe establishes a chain of events to make the narrator uncertain about visiting his childhood friend. The narrator is invited by his friend Usher in a letter to visit. The first clue that tells the narrator that things are not right is when he sees the shaky hand writing and when the writer [Roderick Usher] “spoke of an acute bodily illness –of a mental disorder which oppressed him”, Roderick then went on to say that he had an “earnest desire” to see the narrator. The reason the narrator decides to go despite the fact that something is awry, because Roderick says that the narrator is “his only personal friend”, so the narrator reluctantly sets out to visit his friend. When he is approaching the house he looks upon the scene and sees “the mere house, and simple landscape features of the domain –upon bleak walls –upon vacant eye-like windows…” He feels unwelcome when looking upon the House of Usher because of the odd features that belong to the house, it is unpleasing depressing, and it is watching him. It doesn’t help that he already does not want to be there. This in turn goes to affect the narrator’s well-being he begins to start to feel uncertain, “I had so worked upon my imagination as ... ... middle of paper ... ...truly terrifies the narrator and leaves him horrified and truly shaken from what has happened. With this ending we are able to see Poe’s single effect of fear very clearly. He has successfully built up a chain of events leading up to the unexpected climax of doom. He did it through the perspective of the narrator and using the psychological arguments of ethics to create a convincing and caring narrator who walks into the hands of the unknown and the insane. He then amplifies this through the use of Gothic Elements to enhance the setting and characters with metonymy, the mysterious atmosphere of the house and the gloominess of the tarn all created with the intent to terrify the narrator out of his wits. This leaves the single effect of fear overall because the narrator has made the transformation from concerned to paranoid and terrorized, his fear has been exploited.

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