Edgar Allen Poe: A Delirious Mind

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Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most descriptive writers known today. His works have been intriguing people since he began writing. The depth Edgar puts into his characters and settings is something people crave. The mysterious aspects of his stories immediately seize the readers’ attention. Edgar Allen Poe’s writing depth was affected by his drug and alcohol abuse.
Edgar Poe was born on the 19th of January in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts to Elizabeth and David Poe (Quinn 30). Both Elizabeth and David were actors in Boston at the time they met. They had gotten married fairly young, but they waited several years before having a child. Elizabeth could not preform when she was pregnant, but as soon as Edgar was born she was back on the stage. Rumors say Edgar sat back stage while his parents were preforming.
Before Edgar got to the age of three, both of his parents had died of tuberculosis and he was orphaned. Edgar was soon adopted by John and Frances Allen (Famous Authors). Edgar got the middle name Allen from his adopted parents. Edgar moved with his adopted parents to England and he started school that same year at the age of six and acquired some of the best schooling available at the time. The Allen’s and Edgar return to the United States five years after they moved to England (Giordano). Edgar became very close to his foster mother, but never his foster father (Shmoop). Their relationship was rocky and John would not leave anything in his will for Edgar.
Edgar enrolled in the University of Virginia to study Latin and poetry at the age of seventeen. While he was attending he began to gamble. Edgar asked for financial help from John when he became over $2,000 in debt. When John refused to pay, Edgar dropped out...

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