Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe is a writer of the 1800’s. He has written many classics and has a unique style. Edgar fits into a gothic romance style that was prevalent at the time of his writing. Science at the time was making leaps and bounds and often scientists were immoral and hypocritical. This is reflected in Edgar’s sonnet to science were science has been destroying all that Edgar finds wonderful in the world. Edgar has a tough life with many losses which is also reflected in his writing and the sonnet to science. To understand Edgar and his writing you have to know his history and the history of his time, that is the goal of this paper.

Death of important women in Edgar Allan Poe’s life dominates much of his writing and his thinking. If you understand that Edgar lost all four of the important women in his life you see why he has an obsession with death in his writings and why he has such a fear of it. Along with the fear of death is the fear that his dreams and imagination may also be killed. Much of his happiness is killed by the deaths of loved ones and with the death of his happiness so do his dreams die. Edgar’s life is full of sadness, which is why his writing is so dark as apparent in this poem. The dying of his dreams and conflict with science as another way in which what he loves is being killed is inline with Poe’s other writings that more directly deal with the sadness and darkness in his life.

Edgar Allan Poe was a controversial writer during his time; his writings were counter culture and tried to challenge the morals of the public and defiance against modernity. Poe wrote shocking and satirical tales to challenge the readers. He wanted people to be shocked an...

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...dities and stories that must be deciphered by logic. Poe wanted to challenge readers and the world’s ideas.

Poe is and was a controversial writer. His writing influences modern writers and his influence can be seen in post modernism and modernism. Both styles tend to be challenges to the world and question the world. Edgar Allan poet is one of the greatest writers in American history and will continue to influence generations of writers with his style and legacy of challenging the status quoi.

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