Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe In the short essay Russell Baker starts out as a child whose is confused and does not like English or any subject relating to English classes. After reading a topic of a short story he was assigned to write. The topic brought back memories to Baker and made him think of a experience that occurred in his life. The results Baker received from his teacher Mr.Fleagle and his class mates. Baker realized he could give people the enjoyment through his writing. In similar relation Eolgar Allen Poe also experienced a rough childhood. With both of his parents dying around the same time. Being put into orphan homes had a big bearing on Poe. He never let that stop him, because any free time or extra energy he had. Poe used it writing poetry. The brief life of a brilliant writer Edgar Allen Poe began on January 19,1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe was the second son of Actor David Poe Jr. and Actress Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe. David Poe was far from the ideal father. He was an avid drinker and eventually abandoned his family in December of 1810, forcing Elizabeth Poe into the position of sole provider for the family. Poe’s mother supported him and his younger sister, Rosalie, u until her death on December 8, 1811 from Tuberculosis. In 1812 the orphaned Poe children found homes. Baby Rosalie was adopted by the Mackenzie family while Edgar was taken in by the Allans in Richmond. Edgar was raised as a son by the Allans but never officially adopted by them. On March 18, 1827, a ongoing conflict erupted between Poe and Allan resulting in Poe’s return to his birth city of Boston. Poe enlisted in the u.s. army in mid- 1827. Poe served stints at Fort Independence in Boston, Fort Moultrie in Charleston, and Fort Monroe in Virginal. Poe’s "acting" mother Frances Allan passed away on February 28, 1829. Poe was discharged from the army on April 15 of 1829. In May of 1831 Poe moved in with his Aunt Maria Clemm and his nine year old cousin Virginia; who would later become his wife. While living with his Aunt Poe renewed his relationship with his elder brother Henry. Henry died later that year of Tuberculosis. From 1829 up until his death Poe spent most of his energy writing articles for magazines and trying to launch his career as a legitimate author/poet.
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