Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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“My pets, of course, were made to feel the change in my disposition. I not only neglected, but ill-used them.” (Poe 969) Words like this may send ill thoughts into one’s head, but in the day of Edgar Allan Poe it was completely normal. Edgar Poe was born January 19, 1809 into the broken home of David and Elizabeth Poe. Edgar’s childhood was not the best. A year after his birth David Poe deserted his family. The following year in 1811 his mother died leaving him orphaned. He soon was taken in by the Allan family. John and Frances, who were a childless couple, renamed him Edgar Allan and raised him as their own. Though never legally adopted, Poe traveled to England with the family where he attended good schools until the fall of the tobacco market in London. On their return to America, Poe and his foster family became ill-tempered towards each other after the Allan’s firm failed. While studying at the University of Virginia, Poe struggled financially. Allan lost interest in supporting Poe. Though Allan recently inherited the property and plantations of his rich unmarried uncle, he st...
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