Edgar Allan Poe

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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” (Poe). This is a quote commonly taught in English and literature books worldwide. It was written by Edgar Allan Poe in one of his most famous poems “A Dream within a Dream”. He is considered one of the most prestigious poets in early American culture, and surely left an imprint on the way our world sees different works in the English language. He was a true scholar who put plenty of intellectual, yet eerie plots into all of his writings, which made him a fan favorite. He is so easily recognized by people by the creepy feeling you get when reading some of his poetry. Poe is easily a memorable poet in American history because of is intriguing life story, unforgettable death, mysterious work of literature “The Raven,” and his influence on the modern world of arts.
To begin, Edgar Allan Poe had an interesting life that had several key events that inspired him to create the works of art he did. Poe was born and raised by his biological parents for only a short period of time until he was adopted by a childless couple. He attended grade school in England and boarding school in Scotland. Once he went off to college he obtained a gambling and drinking addiction when trying to pay for his books. Veronica Loveday states that “Poe assumed the name Edgar A. Perry and enlisted himself in the U.S army shortly after he overcame his addiction” (Loveday). Poe wrote a lot when he was in the army, which in its entirety, directed him to his destiny; writing. He soon realized that military life was not for him, and decided to get himself kicked out of his military college; West Point. Events in Poe’s life also led to the way he thought much differently than others. Poe states in one of his j...

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...enal poet who received credit where it was due and till this day continues to amaze the different fields of literary arts, and was a brilliant man whose life was shaped by the tragedies and tribulations caused by rough childhood and the death of many loved ones.

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