Edgar Allan American Gothicism Essay

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Use the Past as Motivation “My only love sprung from my only hate” –Juliet. This quote is perfect for describing how Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne came to love the style of Gothic Writing. It is perfect for describing how Poe and Hawthorne came to love Gothic Writing because they had to focus on all of their negative feelings and try to make the best of them. According to Howard Quint, American Gothicism represents “evil, horror, love and death.” American Gothicism authors discussed the shadows of the past and how those shadows affected the present. It usually had an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts. His family was very wealthy and influential during the puritan time and was…show more content…
Hawthorne held dark views about the world, and he believed that evil was the dominant force in the world. He believed that this is why people are inherently self-seeking. According to the Columbia University and Paul Lagasse, many of Hawthorne’s novels presented the “problems of moral evil and guilt through … symbolism. One of the novels that Hawthorne incorporates this theme of symbolism is “The Minister’s Black Veil.” One particular instance of this theme in this story is when Father Hooper asked the community “why do you tremble at me alone?” he then states for them to “tremble at each other” (Hawthorne 2640). Hawthorne believed that people loved to make themselves feel better by out casting people and by acting as if their flaws did not exist. However, Poe became depressed after his wife died. According to Veronica Daylove, Poe’s wife suffered from tuberculosis and hemorrhages. His wife sickness led to him depending on alcohol. His wife passed January of 1847 (Daylove). In The Raven, Poe expresses his feelings of depression. The Narrator of the Raven is mourning the loss of a woman “whom the angels name Lenore” (Poe 2764). However, he then states that Lenore is “nameless here for evermore” (Poe 2764). The Narrator loved Lenore, but he could not handle the grief and tried to smother his feeling by ignoring them. Just as the Narrator of The Raven was trying to forget Lenore by acting as she never existed, Poe was indulging himself in alcohol to forget that he had lost his
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