Economy in the 1970s

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Although government corruption was a problem in the December of 1974, the overwhelming issue was the recession that was currently taking place. In December alone there were seven articles covering the recession and one cover story. As the saying going, “money sells” and articles talking and predicting the recession had people spending what little money they had. The first article about the recession was titled, “Calls for Tax Cuts and Money Ease.” The editor of this article sees unhappy and disappointed about the economy and ford handling of it. He talks about when Ford moved into the white house, “ he promised to take control of federal spending which he regards as the principal on inflation.” The editor explains the country and congress disagree with Ford decision to cut spending and believe he should cut taxes to help the people that are struggling. The article about Recession was the cover story of the December9th issue and was titled, Gloomy Holidays and worst ahead. This article begins by listing the problems Americans are facing along with the double-digit recession. The...
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