Economics Research Paper

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Economics Research Paper It seems every day there is dire news about the economy. Particularly about issues that have been affecting our everyday lives. One specific issue is currency. Money has always been a serious problem for many Americans. Most Americans have a difficulty taking care of their wealth and are unable to use it for expensive items. Some have trouble saving up and using it for items they do not need. Although we question many other issues reported on the news that pertain to money, Americans are generally concerned about matters that America has decided to act upon, such as the state budget cuts. In more than 30 states across the country, demonstrations occur in schools to protest state budget cuts, which many say will devastate public education and increase the divide between the rich and the poor. Many people gather in schools to complain about the state budget cuts that we receive, especially in education. The expectation of increase in tuition and fees cause distress, as well as the reductions in staff and classes. As a result, classrooms are overpopulated. Senior students who plan on graduating during the fall or spring semesters are mostly concerned with the lack of class availability. Also, freshmen are suffering from the declining enrollment because of the economy. The recession has brought on these state budget cuts, thus causing the education system to make up for it. We are moving back towards a highly segregated school system by income level. School systems are based on property taxes, so wealthy neighborhoods have wealthy schools and poor neighborhoods have poor schools. In addition, the people who come from the lower levels of society are being priced out of the public universities. The impact t... ... middle of paper ... ...t now. I also believe that if the education system were to be strongly considered as of now, the future will be certain. We may feel secure with our decisions for future generations since we make up for what is to come for the next few years. I think that education will always lead to greater opportunities for the world. If each one of us voiced our opinions about how education is an important aspect in today’s society, I believe that we can make a turning point for the economy, even for the future. As well-educated Californians, the state’s current and future economic vitality will depend on this. I truly believe that if schools are funded thoughtfully, it will provide educational opportunities that will allow students to reach their full academic potential. This will be favorable in our diverse population. This is why I think education should be higher priority.
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