Economically Encouraged Food Additives

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Nowadays, it is easy to buy poison in the market. Jelly packs in the snack corner, milk bottle in the supermarket’s fridge or a can of coke in your hands are not less than a drop of poison. The huge different is that we enjoy to eat this staff but not the poison. Companies encourage us to consume it with the fake advertisements to show how healthy it is. “They sell for money, not our health.” There are many food additives that can be used to increase profit numbers without concerned about consumers health, which includes gelatin, corn syrup and synthetic milk.
First additive is gelatin. Gelatin is an unnatural thing that derived from bones, skin, joints, and collagens of animals. Second food additive is gelatin. Its journey starts from abattoir, where the floors painted by the red blood of those innocent animals who have been kill to feed hungry human. The wasted bones and hideous skin of animals are collected there for selling to gelatin manufacturers. Gelatin factories collect bones and skin from several places, and start changing them to gelatin powder. Gelatin powder has been used in many delicious and tasty foods. Teddy bear jelly for kids, vanilla custard for you or gelatin pudding for your parents are the common example for gelatin used products. Gelatin has been encouraged to produce more and more because it cost up the waste in abattoir, but manufacturers do not concern about consumers health (Tacon, 2011). Consumer health can be harmed by gelatin. Gelatin can cause stomach illness that can lead to stomach cancer. Many studies has shown that gelatin is dangerous for pregnant and breast feeding women and children (as cited by Olsen, 2012).
Second additive is corn syrup. Corn syrup, or as many known by high fructose corn syrup or for making it feel more chemical substance by calling corn syrup as HFCS. HFCS claimed to be produced by rich yellow corns, but in the reality, corns that used is the left over from the exporting business (how high fructose, 2007). HFCS had a much sweeter taste than regular white sugar in the market. According to Gary Taudes, HFCS has a tendency to be converted to fat more than any other type of carbohydrate (as cited in dangers and side effects, n.d.). HFCS can cause several effects on our body. Those illness are obesity, diabetes, tooth inflections and decay, increasing risk of heart attack and heart diseases, poor immunity and Anemia (how high fructose, 2007).

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