Economic Theory Of Milton Friedman

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Milton Friedman in his long and distinguished career made significant contribution, in the economic analysis, including methods, key areas of money, consumption, economic policy, the inflation rate and the unemployment rate, and the exchange rate policy debate.
In essays in positive economics, Friedman used instead of assuming as experimental economics field made a powerful case. In fact, what he called "if the assumption is crucial for the understanding of his amount of empirical work, especially in the monetary area. An empirical study of the first major Freedman was conduct at the University of Chicago and the National Bureau of economic research USA monetary and banking workers. This end, in three main publications: monetary history USA, 1867-1960, Anna J. Schwartz; Philip Cagan, with the volume change of money, decided to stock 1875-1960 factor and effect; statistics and USA currency, and co-author with Schwartz. Friedman LED crying its competent Chicago school money for subsequent works. When he attacked, many economists ignored the currency and monetary policy analysis of busi...

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