Economic Intervention

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Economic Intervention Every day our government makes economic decisions that affect our country and ourselves. Some of these decisions are good and benefit our lives greatly; however, many of our government's decisions, such as where our tax money should go, are not in our best interests. The Canadian government, although it is tightening up it's measures now, has been very lax with our hard earned tax money. Things like government officials receiving unreasonable benefits, government loans being given out like water, or government subsidizing of various companies and services that don't need it. These are all indications that Canada needs less government intervention. One large example of government over-involvement is in the case of our correctional facilities and prisons. Should a person who has broken the law be given better lodgings and better care than someone who is a law abiding citizen? We see examples such as prisons being outfitted for the care of inmate's children. This is an area in which government money is being improperly spent. Money that is being used in these areas should be being put to better use in areas such as health and welfare. People who are free and law abiding should be receiving this money to better their lives not someone who has had no previous respect for the laws of our country. Most inmates have free access to physical training facilities that would cost us three hundred to four hundred dollars per year. All inmates are guaranteed a meal, three time a day, when a large portion of the free population can barely afford one meal a day. The prison facilities get thousands of tax-payer dollars to upgrade and maintain suitable environments. Yet many Canadian citizens who are unemployed, who cannot get work, are living on the street or in unsuitable shelters. Why should someone in jail get better benefits than someone trying to make it legally in our society? However, it seems that our government has a certain affinity to people who break its set laws. This vast inappropriate spending of taxpayer's dollars should be stopped. In the near future we should see either proper controls being set on the

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