Economic Inequality Essay

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The world that we live in today has economic inequality and its only increasing. The richest people and countries are only growing wealthier and the poorest people and countries are growing poorer and poorer each day. This is due to a lack of nationalism, unfair working laws, corporations and developed wealthy countries taking over and stealing resources from less developed countries. Economic inequality started during the Industrial revolution. The industrial revolution created jobs and, for the upper and middle class, a more comfortable way of living. Businessmen and manufactures and the upper class were able to afford nicer place to live and better food options, which in turn resulted in less diseases and a longer life. The lower class had menial job in factories and got paid very little. Because they didn’t have a lot of income they couldn’t afford to buy good food or live in nice areas. Many people had to live in a small confined dirty place with other families and this resulted in a lot of illness and death. This was the start of the economic gap. The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer. This caused the lower class to initiate strikes in order to get better working conditions and fairer treatment. The industrial revolution used the economic system of capitalism to maintain their wealth and produce more capital. They also depended on consumerism because many goods were made available during to the industrial revolution. And their economy depended on people buy the consumer goods. To keep wages down factories used women and children as ”reserve labor”(lect11). This was the start of the movement towards feminism for women. Women wanted to be treated the same and felt that they shouldn’t be the reserves.... ... middle of paper ... ...nhappy with it. People should get together and stand up for what they think is right and maybe they can change the way wealth is split in our society. Unfortunately economic inequality has happened in history and is still prevalent today. Thanks to power and money hungry corporations, a decrease in nationalism, unfair working conditions, and imperialism the rich have been getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer. This needs to be changed in out society. We need to have more regulations on corporations and have more say in our government. If the government doesn’t do something to change this people are going to lose faith in their country and then they are not going to want to do anything for their country. If the gap of economic equality is fixed I think that a lot of the world problems would decrease or go away and every country would be better off.

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