Economic Effects Of Walmart

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Experts in the field of economics have conducted studies on the impact of Walmart and the small business owner. Some of these studies support the claims that Walmart stores do contribute to the closing of some mom and pop stores, however, there are studies that support claims of increased sales when a Walmart opens in an area. Plans are to report on these claims with an unbiased opinion. There are many opinions of this retail giant opening in your area. A majority of people interviewed welcomed Walmart. These stores are usually a one-stop business that you can get your vehicle serviced to having your nails done and everything else in between. Convenience plays an important part in shopping at Walmart versus going downtown. Instead of going…show more content…
Walmart opened smaller “market” stores in these small towns forcing smaller grocery stores and pharmacies to close. In early January 2016, Walmart announced the closing of these stores leaving residents with nowhere to shop for groceries or drugs. Many have to travel many miles out of their way to obtain these services. Small business owners forced out of business no longer have the funds or the support of banks to reopen shops. There are some areas that report increased sales with the opening of a nearby Walmart. New businesses will often replace some of the vacant stores offering patrons specialty items not found at Walmart. There are pros and cons to Walmart openings and data to prove this. Larger cities are fighting the expansion of Walmart into their states fearing the closing…show more content…
Studies show the opening of a Walmart store may close some small businesses, but it also states that new businesses often replace these shops. With the opening of Walmart, some businesses actually see a jump in retail sales, especially shops that offer one-of-a-kind or handmade items that are not sold in Walmart. Additional parking areas and the lessening of high traffic areas promotes more sales for these businesses. With the opening of these new businesses, extra dining facilities, coffee shops, etc. will be needed to keep customers coming back to these

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