Economic Development In South Africa Case Study

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Economic development- is the sustained, concerted actions of policy makers and communities that promote the standard of living and economic health of a specific area. Economic development can also be referred to as the quantitative and qualitative changes in the economy.
The position of economic development in South Africa is somewhat ok, as the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Mr Madala Masuku visits provinces in implementing a good and high economic development, through projects undertaken by municipalities in creating more jobs for residents of South Africa. The Deputy also visits small business enterprises in order to find out the challenges they face and how the government can lend a hand in growing their businesses, in order
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Forewarned is forearmed, foresight is knowledge and evaluation enables planning: it is imperative that countries and societies adopt these three watchwords so that present development can be transformed into sustainable development. It is incumbent upon the states, parliamentarians and local populations to work together, by cooperating and forming partnerships, to establish the basis for sustainable development.
Safeguarding the quality of the living environment- the broader preventative and precautionary approach to planning and procedures that are necessary to be in place to protect the environment. A safe, healthy environment requires good environmental quality, flood protection and a reliable drinking water supply, as well as protection of our cultural heritage and unique natural values. Sites used for national defence are also necessary.
Good environmental quality means that the quality of soil, water and air must, at a minimum, comply with national and international standards. People’s health must be protected from negative influences like noise pollution. In principle, the same level of protection should apply to all parts of the country. However, area-specific solutions may sometimes be more

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