Economic Decline on Mental Health

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Cause and Effect Economic Decline on Mental Health.

When we hear the word Recession we automatically think money, unemployment, but what about the reality of the mental status of our generation that lived through the recession of 2008? What mental issues stem from the main issues of unemployment, and poverty due to the recession? What where the rising cost for mental health services due to the recession? Finally what will our generation carrying into the future due to living through the down turn of the economy? After reading and evaluating several statistic and writings I will show the cause and effects because of all three during the recession of 2008. Reviewing the poverty level due to the recession, which is contributed most to the employment rate for a huge part of the population? While showing the mental health decline due to the poverty levels escalating. I will also review the rising cost of mental health services in 2008, and the majority of types of people seeking help. Finally I will review the future projection of the mental wellbeing of the generation affected by the recession, and lasting impression of the recession of 2008. The recession of 2008 caused several problems for the American public, but the underling mental health of our citizens due to the recession is the subject not usually evaluated.
When we hear the word recession we automatically think about money. Poverty levels start to escalate with the rise of unemployment. “Support for families in poverty in the United States are at the intersection of three related sets of programs, child welfare, and early education programs, and means-tested income assistance programs,” (“Poverty and Welfare.”) With unemployment comes loss of income to families, which the...

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...d the government not having the money to fund these programs. Going forward into the future we are going to see the recession

Generation change the way they make everyday purchases, and a decline in the frivolous items being purchased less and less. Through mental health is not the most highlighted subject from the 2008 recession, it is just as important.

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