Economic Decision Making

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Individuals make economic decision based on a variety of reasons. The rational is based on each individual’s need or desire for a commodity. People go through several decision-making processes before making the final decision and are often not conscious of the process. Obviously, decision- making covers a wide area, involving virtually the whole of human action. Often people are not conscious of the process. The four principles of individual decision- making suggest that people face trade off. People have to give up a thing to acquire some other thing. This includes money, time, resources, and energy. The cost of something is what a person is willing to give up to obtain it. Therefore, the need is to find an alternative and then to compare and contrast the cost and the benefits of the alternative action by making a rational decision. Rational people think at a margin. Rational people purposefully evaluate options and opportunities. The marginal benefit is look at from the viewpoint of the consumers’ end of the equation, whereas, the marginal cost affect the producers. ...
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