Ecology And Biodiversity: Affence Of Life, And The Environment

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Ecology Reilly Evans 3rd period 11/28/17 Ecology is a study of interactions between living things and the environment that they live in. Ecology is basically the way animals act with other animals through the entire environment.Ecology is studied when fish eat other fish that is studied or when birds eat little tiny worms that is also studied. Ecology can be studied every single day in an environment because things happen every single day between different animals.Biodiversity is apart of ecology. Biodiversity is short for the term biological diversity which this describes the diffence of life from genes to ecosystems and time periods of each and every level of biological organization. The term has several interpretations, and…show more content…
Biodiversity is every where in the whole entire world.Reaserchers around the world are looking for primary health for benfits for natural recources andthe ecosystem.Understanding research outcomes will lead to improved environmental management.Community-based conservation is typically a grassroots effort, and one that is initiated because of specific concerns about an environmental or natural resource issue that affects a local population.Communities which do have an important role to play in biodiversity conservation. however , community-based conservation as a panacea, like government-based conservation project as a panacea, does not pay attention to the need of managing commons at many differnt levels, with vertical and horizontal interplay among institutions.The study of conservation in a man different level world can serve to inform an versatile science of conservation, consistent with the Convention on Biological Diversity, to establish partnerships and link biological conservation objectives with local development objectives. The best example I found that the species is about to become…show more content…
The leading caused of extinctions of animals in the world since we have been around or alive is the loss of a habitat. A loss of a habitat nowadays can be caused by the cutting down of trees or invaded by villages being made or even neighborhoods buildings in rural areas, which there are a lot of those being built right now. The invading of people can even be a cause of animals dying or sometimes coming extinct, Maybe a predator moves in and kills all and like a ant eater.Although there are animals about to be extinct there has been a lot of movements to conserve such animals in the environment. Therefore a lot of animals and insects stay alive and live

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