Ecological Education: The Value Of Ecological Education

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In this essay, various aspects will be discussed in depth including the value of apologizing for education and teaching sustainable perspectives, the benefits, and limitations of being eco-literate for teachers and young people and what can be achieved in education on both primary and early childhood, now and in the future. Through, thinking deeply about these aspects can influence the future possibilities to alter the behavior in the present. This brings about educating the current generations on ecological practices so that it will be a culture that the generations to come will emulate. So, creating a conducive environment now for the benefit of the future helps in achieving ecological sustainability. Moreover, this can be done by ecologising…show more content…
This includes generations with positive impact. Also, it is an investment tool for the present and future generation. Ecological education also has health values, especially to children. Children who use playgrounds or different natural settings are more physically fit, nutritionally enlightened and more creative (Golden et al., 2012). Also, it is essential to solving environmental problems and giving them a right approach when they arise. Lastly ecological education empowers the community; it promotes a sense of belonging and connection through involving the community in environmental issues. (Fisher 2005). Hence ecological education has value to many stakeholders such as children, families and the wider…show more content…
In this context, the present state of the environment can be changed by thinking about how different it will be in the future if no efforts are put to make things right. The present generation requires ultimate leadership and citizenship that entails thinking ecologically and can understand the connection between human and the natural systems. This generation should have the ability, courage and will to act. (Leanne Claire et al., 2012). The above features can be installed into this generation by education. There is also various evidence that shows how education can change the present state of the environment education including Curriculum organization. Where teachers provide education that can modify the present and future states of the environment and as the curriculum involves about understanding the current environment (ACARA, 2016). By having a curriculum that sees sustainability as a way to support and teach student’s sustainability, will produce professionals that are environmentally conscious and will help in changing the present and also the future (ACARA, 2016). Such a proper curriculum will produce professionals that are environmentally conscious and will assist in changing the present and also the future (ACARA,
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