Eco Industry Case Study

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As service industries are getting more prominence in today and as we are transiting from industrial economy to service economy there is a requirement that the services provided are helping not just in the country’s GDP but also preserving and supporting our earth in terms of being eco friendly. So as we are in service economy there is greater need for the services to go more sustainable and green. Therefore the service sector in their objective of satisfying and engaging the customers also have to abide by the environmental standards and follow such practices of being green.
In the study by Ernst & Young “Eco-industry, its size, employment, perspectives and barriers to growth in an enlarged EU” (EC, 2006) [5] the eco-industry is defined by the following activities in the economy:
• Air pollution control
• Waste water treatment
• Solid waste management & recycling
• Remediation & clean up of soil & groundwater
• Noise and vibration control
• Recycled
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inputs, process, outputs, environment externalities and marketing”. Green business houses to be successful should implement the cleaner green business practices and also be in a position to communicate about their business services to build up their brand and capture the market share for the green business practices that they have adopted. The strategies should be not just avoiding environmental harmful elements but also understand the life cycle of their services. Differentiation among the products and services are relatively same amongst all products and services. Therefore the green factor becomes an important feature that can be added to the services and make the consumers purchase the services. It is evident that along with price and quality consumers of today are looking for the green and there exists a huge demand for green services and businesses. Brand loyalty can also be established with this
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