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The term ‘District’ in Indian context is a significant study of a region that consists of villages, towns, open areas and city as an integral part of the district. The District is further subdivided in to sub divisions, and otherwise directly in to talukas or tehsil (Wikipedia Contributers 2011). In today’s context, the urban population especially in city is growing and population is increasing due to migration for a better job prospectus. In order to make the district environmental friendly and cater the human needs and his requirements, it is very essential to save our natural resources for future. Hence, the term ‘Eco’ indicates to save our natural resources and help for a better and a healthy living by reducing overall negative environmental impact which affects air, water and other natural elements which harm human well being.

In present situation, the urban population is growing very faster than ever. It’s predicted that by 2030 the projections of the United Nations (UN) Population Division (1), each of the major regions of the developing world will hold more urban than rural dwellers; by 2050 fully two-thirds of their inhabitants are likely to live in urban areas. The world’s population as a whole is expected to undergo substantial further growth over the period, almost all of which is expected to take place in the cities and towns of poor countries. The total urban population of these countries was estimated by the UN Population Division to have been 1.97 billion persons in the year 2000, but that total is projected to increase to 3.90 billion by 2030 and further to 5.26 billion by 2050.(Montgomery 2008)

In such case, it is very essential for a need of green community. Based on the above facts, the major reason for...

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...ure generations and neither we will enjoy the available resources in a right way nor we are saving it for our future. Hence it is very important for people to understand the importance of caring their surroundings and contributing to the success of a healthy community.

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