Ebola Case Study

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Human unfreedom emerged by high incidence of disease in Africa
In recent decades, there are high numbers of the disease are breaking out worldwide. West Africa could be one of the most frequent happen area of the incidence of disease. These diseases easy to be spread and them usually can cause high risk of death. Ebola, one of the fast transmissible viruses, outbreaking wide in West Africa area recently. Ebola has caused 5,459 deaths out of 15,351 (Reuters, 2014) cases identified in Africa and the number of death is still climbing.
Lots of reason has been observed of causing the incidence of Ebola. One of the main reasons is human contact with the fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family (WHO Media Centre, 2014), which are Ebola
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In Sen’s (2000) book, he proposed, “A person 's ‘capability’ refers to the alternative combinations of functionings that are feasible for her to achieve.” (Sen, 2000, p.20) Capability can be either on the realized ability that person is able to do or a capability set of alternative options person is free to choose. In the understanding of the Sen’s(2000) point of view, capability is kind of freedom, it is “the substantive freedom to achieve alternative functioning combinations (or, less formally put, the freedom to achieve various lifestyles).”(Sen, 2000,…show more content…
(Reuters, 2014) The mortality occurs with the incidence of the Ebola and the starvation happens in disaster area. As nearly 200,000 people are having problem of getting food because of the Ebola outbreak (Ebola facts, 2014), fewer and fewer people can get clear foods to feed themselves. Sen’s (2000) view over mortality, “a good deal of mortality associated with famine results from diseases unleashed by debilitation, breakdown of sanitary arrangements, population movements, and infectious spread of disease endemic in the region.”(Sen, 2000, p.169) Person loses the capability of choosing to be nutritional and nourished under the circumstance of famine, which caused by diseases. It is apparent to show that those people cannot use the resource freely like free to be fed or

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