Ebenezer Scrooge Character Changes

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In Israel Horovitz’s play rewrite of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge goes through many character changes. He does not remove his business sign after his partner, Jacob Marley, dies. He does not care much for Christmas time and sees it as a time to make more money. He is thoughtless towards other people’s lives and feelings and believes that money is to be made or saved, and not spent. He only signs Marley’s funeral papers because he believes that by doing so; he can manipulate a business transaction. Scrooge never cared about Marley, or how other people, such as Fred and Mr.Cratchit, are impacted by his decisions. In A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge’s personality goes from being ungrateful for everything to being a kind-hearted and caring person about other people and their lives because he is visited by three spirits.
In the beginning, Scrooge was a careless, grumpy, and selfish person. He says that Christmas is a waste of time and even tries to get Bob Cratchit to work on Christmas. Scrooge does not tell him that he has to work extra hours to make up for the lost time but makes it appear as if he is granting him time off because he is considerate that Bob wanted to spend time with his family. He does not like to accept that he has to pay Bob Cratchit for not being present at work on Christmas Day. Every time someone tells Scrooge, “Merry Christmas!” he says, “Bah humbug” and rejects the greeting. He also gets upset when his nephew, Fred, comes to visit and wishes him a merry Christmas. He does not care that Fred got married and jokes at the fact that he fell in love.
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...atchit family by giving Bob a raise, sending an indisputable turkey to his family so they can have something to eat, and he also put heat on in the office so Bob does not have to get warm by a small candle flame.
In conclusion, Ebenezer Scrooge was a heartless, grumpy, and self-centered person. He later became a man who cared for others and was less selfish, and realized what he was doing that affected others in a hurtful way. After being visited by the three spirits of Christmas, he wanted to start over with a new meaningful and successful life. He started to appreciate Christmas and not dismiss it and its meaning. Scrooge learns to care for others and warms his soul with the gift of giving and not only taking.

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