Eating disorder

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The thought of sticking a needle in an arm or snorting a substance can be gruesome to some people. Doing drugs can hurt a person mentally and physically. Damaging the brain can be a long term effect that a person cannot recover from. The features that certain drugs can do on the body are unpleasing and some people know when other people are using drugs. Methamphetamine is a stimulant that most people can tell if one is using the drug. Many physical features can be easily shown if one is using meth. Meth, one of the stimulants, causes a rush and makes people feel that they have super strength. Decaying teeth, skin deteriorating around the mouth and nose are physical signs that one could be possibly doing meth. Cooking meth can be very dangerous for the one cooking it, and for the others that are breathing in the fumes. The fumes that linger in the air are very toxic, and can cause serious health risk or even death. Meth is a very hard drug to recover from. Many people who use the drug will eventually relapse and go to rehab again and relapse again. Only a few people will stay sober, but will have long term effects on their body. Most people will experience a crawling sensation under their skin and most likely that sensation will never go away. Many people know the risk of taking any drug, but yet they still do the drugs anyways. The fallowing paper will talk about what the side effects are on the body while taking methamphetamine: short-term and long-term, what causes people to do the drug, background on the drug, and what methamphetamine does on the brain. Methamphetamine users experience different side effects when using the drug. Some can be short term and others can be long term. When a user is taking meth, the individual ... ... middle of paper ... ... that doing drugs could have short or long-term effects on the body and on the brain. The Mexican Cartel is one of the largest leaders in producing methamphetamine. Iowa’s main drug use is methamphetamine and continues to grow with the population. Trying to get skinny or to cope with depression, methamphetamine is not the answer. Losing weight can be easy as exercising and coping with depression may not be easy, but maybe telling a friend could help with some of the depressed feelings. Drugs are not the answer for everything, even prescribed drugs can cause addiction to some people. Many famous people are addicted to drugs, and it is just as hard for them to recover from addiction as it is for normal people. Some drugs may help people, but they have to ask themselves is it worth getting addicted to. Some people do it for the high, but is the high worth their life.

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