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Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children Many things affect the way a child develops and behaves; such as a person’s gender, family’s financial status, and genes. One of the biggest and most important influence, though, is parenting. The way parents choose to raise their children determines their child’s sense of security, self-esteem, and how they treat others. Not only that, but it can determine whether or not a child will have a successful future. Many parenting styles exist; all of them having many positive and negative aspects. In the following the four different types of parenting and how they affect children will be discussed. Everybody has their own unique temperament, and sometimes they can clash between a parent and their child. Due to these different temperaments, parents and their children might not get along. Not only that, but some parents are not patient enough to manage and understand their child’s differentiating temperament (Understanding “Goodness of Fit”). How a child reacts in certain situations depends on their temperament, and the same goes with their parents. A parent’s temperament affects the way in which they raise their children. Since each and every parent has a different temperament, they respond differently to their children. The way in which parents control their children’s behavior by using their characteristic tactics is called parenting styles (Boyd & Bee, 2011). According to developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind, a person’s parenting style is made up of four components. The first aspect is the amount of nurturance the child receives (Boyd & Bee, 2011). How a parent shows their warmth, support, and protection of their child both physically and mentally is nurturance. The s... ... middle of paper ... ...uent and disobey authority, whether it is their parents or teachers. Many kids of uninvolved parents develop anxiety disorders as well. Not only that, but they also are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol (Types of Parenting Styles). Parents have many strategies when it comes to managing the behavior of their children. People’s parenting style depends on the communication between them and their child and the amount of loving care and attention the child receives. It also depends on how clear and consistent the rules are and what the parent expects from the child. Many types of parenting styles exist and affect children in many ways; it has a high correlation with how well the child does in school, violence, sexual activity, depression, and alcohol and substance abuse. Overall, the way parents raise their children plays a big role in how their kids behave.
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