Eating: The Pros And Cons Of Dieting

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Dieting Although many Americans feel that dieting is the only way they can become healthy and that they should do it, it might not be all that safe. Even though many Americans are VERY overweight, dieting can lead to even more health issues than being fat, such as malnutrition and even if you were to lose weight in a short period of time you’d end up regaining it quickly (4ReasonsWhyDietsAreBadForYou). Often after dieting a person will take up binge eating, which will damage the body because it won’t be used to the food intake, as well as it causing more problems with smokers wanting to smoke more. However, dieting can’t be all bad, right? Dieting can reduce your risk of various heart diseases, build your patience and help with self-control for the future. Even though there are pros to dieting, the cons outweigh them, and not even dieting will change that. Health issues such as bloodshot eyes, acidosis, constipation, due to lack of food-intake and dehydration, due to the lack of fluid-intake (AdvantagesandDisadvantages). The effects of dieting are not only physical though. Dieting c...
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