Eating Habits: You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat
I personally, prefer a home-cooked dinner rather than having dinner at a restaurant, because it is healthier. The United States of America and Mongolia have different cultures, such as languages, lifestyles, and eating habits. Nevertheless, I heard that many Americans think that Asians are slimmer and look younger than them, even though they are the same age. As an Asian, the reason behind looking younger and slimmer is linked directly to our eating habits. When I compare eating habits of the US and my home country, Mongolia, there are huge differences between them. For instance, many Asians usually drink a cup of hot green tea after finishing the meal; however, many Americans drink coffee after finishing the meal. Coffee
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Healthy and home cooked meals can cut both American and Asian family’s budget down. For example, if someone goes out and eats with his or her family at the restaurants, it will cost at least $100.00, depending on how many members there are in the family. On the other hand, if a person plans to prepare meals at home, it will cost less than $100.00 and, additionally, it is the best option for the same cost of options: eating out versus eating at home. According to my personal experience, a month ago I computed that I was spending about $90.00 on food in a week, when I actually spent as less as possible. I chose to go to the organic grocery store one week and purchase $90.00 of food that would last me through a week. What I found out was that I could fill my shopping card with healthier foods and still have $35.00-$45.00 to save. I purchased the healthiest and most organic food, and kitchen staples, such as food flavors, oils, green vegetables, and I still had a few dollars left. As I mentioned above, it costs less to prepare meals and stay at home as opposed to eating out at the restaurants. However, it is the choice of a person from the options: eating out and eating at home, when it comes to taking from your

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