Eating Disorders: The Causes And Types Of Eating Disorders

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Introduction Detrimental to both physical and psychological health of people are eating disorders. Eating disorders is a general term referring to illnesses with a strong link to dysfunctional relations with eating and body image. Distorted thoughts about the body image can result in substantial deviations in eating and exercise paradigms. One could then start excessive dieting, over-exercising, fasting, vomiting, binge eating and using medications such as slimming pills, laxatives and diuretics. The dysfunctional relationship with food is often an attempt to compensate for emotional issues. Types of Eating Disorders To a large extent, co-morbidity of mental illness and eating disorders occur. In fact, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, low…show more content…
Gene interaction can result in an eating disorder. Just like genes are a basis for psychiatric disorders, so are they for eating disorders. The genetic predisposition of a person determines how they respond to environmental factors (Mitchell, Devlin, Zwaan, Peterson, & Crow, 2007). It is playing a huge role in their mental constancy and consequently eating patterns. For example, molecular genetic studies aimed at identifying the genes related to eating disorders suggest that the genes responsible for mood, weight control, and reward as well as appetite control were responsible for eating disorders. The gene dependent traits that have been linked to eating disorders include obsessive thinking, over endurance, neuroticism, sensitivity, and perfectionism. Genetics play a huge role in determining whether one will be involved in a certain sport or not. Some sports are known elevate the risk level of acquiring an eating disorder (Mitchell, Devlin, Zwaan, Peterson, & Crow, 2007). The implication of this is that eating disorders can be inherited. Other biological factors such as hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies cause eating

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