Eating Disorders And Eating Disorder

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Abstract Adolescence is a stage of growth-related risk for eating disorders and eating disorder symptoms. This study is targeted to depict the frequency and route of five underlying eating disorder conducts (binge eating, purging, fasting, anorexia, and bulimia.) Each of these has very diverse abilities of insignificant health and very uncommon behaviors. It also intended to resolve the outcome of early adolescent (Age 12-20) depressive symptoms on the frequency and path of these distinctive eating disorder symptoms. “Eating disorders are complex illnesses that affect adolescents with increasing frequency. They rank as the third most common chronic illness in adolescent females, with an incidence of up to 5%, a rate that has increased dramatically over the past three decades.” (Pediatrics & Child Health) Eating Disorders in Adolescence Food can heal the body; food can destroy the mind. Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating integrates severe sensations, emotions, mindsets, and performances surrounding Body image and food concerns. Eating disorders are severely depressing mentally and physically to the human body especially that of young men and women in their adolescent years. Eating disorders are not only a mental illness but also a physical illness that can lead to death and starvation. Eating disorder are triggered from social media, body shaming, and physiological disorders especially targeting the adolescent age group that are experience many physical and chemical changes in their body’s. Each and every day people are judged for their appearance, how they dress, what there eating, what their favorite songs on the radio. We live in a world where the media is so prevalent especially now wher... ... middle of paper ... ...isorders are a real thing and they only have a negative impact on your body. These disorders can all be treated my medical professional with the aide of phycologists. Body shaming and body stereo types are also very dangerous to the human race, everyone is effected by body shaming especially young adults. Body shaming is occurring more often with the prevalence of the media and the ideals of a perfect body. Treatment is the only cure for eating disorders and the only way to get professional advice and a handle on the situation that could possibly dangerously escalate in the future. Eating disorders can be treated but they will never be absolutely taken care of; they are more “Maintained” than anything. Knowing that a person may start to consume more food does not mean that everything is concluded and should be overlooked. professional help should be sought out.
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