Eating Disorders And Body Image Essay

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All around the world, many people have health problems. One of the most popular health problem is the eating disorder. Eating disorders and body image are both related. Eating disorders can lead people to have a huge body image opinion. Both body image and eating disorders can bring problems to you and it can cause huge impacts in your life. Eating Disorder is not something that someone tells you, you have to do it, eating disorder is more like a mental issue and that has to do more with you. There are four types of eating disorders. The first one is Bulimia Nervosa. People with bulimia nervosa are “frequently having episodes of eating unusually large amounts of food and feeling a lack of control over there episodes. Bulimia nervosa can compensate…show more content…
Body image is the “perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception.” Body image and self-esteem start in the mind, not in the mirror. They can change the way you understand your value and worth. Healthy body image and self-esteem are a big part of your well-being. Many people around the globe have a mental/eating/healthy problem, that makes them not to like their body image, to think they are either thick, skinny, thin, underweight, overweight or anything that makes them unwant the shape of their body. For whatever reason a person feels their body is not okay, they can get to suffer from depression or any health problem. The way you see yourself in the mirror is not the same way people around you sees you. Having a negative body image can really cause an impact in your life. It can bring your self esteem down. Many people suffer from eating a lot just to get to have the shape they think they need to be or the contrary people don’t eat too much just because they feel they overweight when they are actually…show more content…
Eating disorders can lead you to have a negative or just a body image or in reverse body image can lead you to have an eating disorder. Eating disorders are really bad for your own health. Body image is something that many people suffer from. They are both huge health problems that most teenagers and young adults have nowadays. If you have an eating disorder that was caused because you didn't like the shape of your body for any reason. You most of the times are in a eating disorder because you are trying to get your body to be in a shape that you feel like you need to, even though people around you don’t see it like that. But not all the times is like that, there are people that get on diets. People get on diets to reduce or increase weight,or to have a better healthy body, but that’s different because they are still eating things that are helping their bodies. In the other hand not eating well or not eating at all are symptoms of having an eating disorder. Body image is almost the same thing as eating disorder is just that most of it comes from you point of viewing
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