Eating Disorders

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Many people still live under the assumption that the only people affected by eating disorders are heterosexual women. While there is research supporting the hypothesis that heterosexual females may be the group most affected by eating disorders and the associated psychological factors, this group is by no means the only group of people who encounter these disorders. People of every gender and sexual orientation can all experience the symptoms and factors that are associated with eating disorders. The focus of this paper is to look at which factors are more correlated with certain gender or sexuality groups and offer some possible explanations to why these factors might affect different groups of people with similar eating disorders in different ways. First, the paper will discuss which factors research has shown to occur most frequently within certain groups of people. The groups evaluated in this paper are heterosexual females, gay males, lesbian females, and heterosexual males. (The reader should note that there is a limitation within the research cited that each study has a majo...
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