Eating Disorder Essay

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We live in a society today that says that image is important. The messages that the movies, music videos, and magazines gives us about what beauty is suppose to look like can be very demanding. From the super thin models to the long weaves and big bootys. Society's view of beauty is especially hard for the women of today, we are constantly being told that beauty is being thin and never being told to be happy with who we are. The way we are suppose to look can cause a heavy burden on some people's lives thus causing some people to develop an eating disorder. An eating disorder is defined as a group of serious conditions in which you are preoccupied with food and weight that your rarely focus on anything else ( The most common eating disorders bulimia, anorexia nervosa and binge eating. The first one we are going to discuss is bulima and it is defined as an eating disorder in which the the person induces vomitting to compensate for binge eating ( Bulimia has can be very dangerous for the body because the constant binge eating follo...

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