Eating Disorder And Eating Disorders

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Scientists have conducted an enormous amount of experiments on rats over the years of discovery. But a particular group of scientists studying mental health disorders found something quite peculiar about rats while on diets. Some rats were given extra food, some were kept on a normal diet, and the last group was put on a restricted diet. Results showed that the rats on the restricted diet spent more time on their activity wheels. So are eating disorders caused by a genetic predisposition, or caused by the environment a sufferer developed in? Modern advertising is seen by many as the cause for negative body image and poor dieting methods, while others see that eating disorders are caused by genetic markers within DNA sequences. Although many blame the media as the cause of eating disorders, these diseases are genetic and can be triggered by many things. Eating Disorders are common in people who have copies of a certain minor allele that is linked to anxiety and depression. An eating disorder is characterized by any abnormal or disturbed eating habits. But what causes the interruptio...

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