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Social media Technology is the development and application of tools, machines, material, and process that helps humans in solving the problem. One of the technology develops rapidly when this is computer technology or who is famous for the term information technology. One of the product of information technology is very popular today is social media. Social media is one of the development of technologies that have a big hand in it easy for humans to communicate and socialize. Social media is one means of communication online is growing rapidly in the virtual word. In the social media users can communicate over long distance, interact, share information with others, and build a network. Therefore, when it’s more likely to use social media for…show more content…
With so many people using social media, especially for those who want to open a business can promote product/services we offer through social media easily and quickly. With the existence of human social media can be easier to open a business without spending excessive costs and help make transactions online. The use of social media, can help us communicate with anyone, even with people we do not know even from around the world. These advantages can we use to add insight, exchange ideas, know each other's culture and the characteristics of their respective regions, and others. It can also hone someone's language skills. The most important thing is to bring together families, relatives, scattered relatives, with social networking is very useful and play a role to reconnect family or relatives far and far not meet, then through cyberspace it can be done. As for the adverse effects in the use of social media, for example, open the websites of pornographic, disrupting the relationship between each other in the use of it and lead to users rarely communicate with others. It has social media will make someone more concerned with yourself. They are not aware of their surroundings, because most spend time on the social media. Social media can also be used by humans to commit criminal
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