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An Apple Product a Day Keeps the doctor away Created in 1975 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple is currently one of the most revolutionary and widely known technology companies in the throughout the world. Through their hard work, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built this billon dollar company from a garage in Cupertino, California leading to the invention of the iPhone, iPod, and Mac computer, these of which are used by millions daily. Due to their high success through the release of these innovative products, ushering the way for future of technology, investing in the stock of Apple would be an intelligent investment for myself and other possible investors. As they say, an apple product a day keeps the doctor away. Why did I choose Apple? Apple is a well-known company creating the exciting products we want to have in our pockets. Also, Apple is a company with advancements that are hiding around every corner. As they have predicted, Apple is believed to completely rule the smartphone industry with all of its advancements in technology. I also find the humble beginnings of Apple to be very respectable as new business startups can be challenging, leading to the failure of many of them. Another reason I chose apple to invest in was because it will grow bigger and bigger throughout the incoming years. Also another reason I invested in Apple because every wants Apple products, they want them just because. People will keep buying these Apple products because they don't want to be left out. What do they produce? Apple has and will always produce personal devices to benefit our every need and want. One of Apple's first personal computers the Apple I, a revolutionary device produced just for our personal use at our homes.... ... middle of paper ... ...ase in profit for apple, rising from the 13.1 billion dollars made this quarter, to an even higher amount in the incoming quarter. I hope Steve Jobs looks down from heaven to see that his company is changing the world just as he would have wanted it too. One company can be built to stand above the rest, and thats exactly what Steve Jobs did. Jobs and Wozniak created something that will last forever, something I would invest in. Due to their high success through all the innovative products created, ushering in a new age in technology, investing in apples stock would be the most intelligent thing for myself as well as many other to do. There are said to be new advancements in Apple's technology that is soon too be released, but there will always be competitors with apple. Apple will just have to do what they do the very best. Think differently.
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