Good Essays
There are several types of essays such as narrative, descriptive, argumentative, cause and effect, factual and expository. A narrative essay is basically a story and these essays are often anecdotal, experiential, and personal. A good essay can catch the reader’s attention. In order to write a good essay, we must have these following features. Firstly, when you write a narrative essay, you should support your topic sentence with a story about your personal experience. You also need to write about that personal experience which happened in a short period of time.
Secondly, write a paragraph that supports the topic sentence with a story. All the sentences should explain and support the topic sentence. Thirdly, it is important to have the concluding sentence as it usually tells why the experience was important to us or what we learned from the experience.
Last but not least, a good narrative essay should have a chronological order or time order. This essay should include the event of the story in the order that they happened.
2.1 Things to be avoid when writing a narrative essay
Now that you know the features of a good essay, there are several things that we should avoid when writing a narrative essay. Firstly, do not cram too much word in one paragraph because we do not want the whole story to be told just in one paragraph.
Secondly, do not oversight. When writing a narrative essay, setting, unexplainable and unrealistic action or plot holes should be organised well. If the characters or setting something that is making no sense, you have to include additional information for convenience purpose. Do not get nasty in creating the story until it become nonsense when you elaborating it.
Thirdly, we should ensure the previous parag...

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...e the ideas for the essay.
3.1 Steps to synthesize the ideas and facts
First and foremost, after we have come out with the ideas, we jotted down all the details and information in a piece of blank paper. This is also known as the free writing method where one can write continuously about the ideas in a piece of paper.
Furthermore, apart from brainstorming the ideas, we have come out with a mind map and word map which is really helpful to construct the ideas for the essay. Based on the materials that we have acquired earlier, we made these maps to make the points clearer as they will act as the references to write the essay.
In addition, we clustered all the materials in order. Clustering the ideas is a way to organize the ideas in a proper way. Thus, by using these steps, we were able to synthesize the ideas to write the essay.
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