Earth's Current Condition

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In the beginning, the world was a Utopia. The Earth was a place that was overflowing with luscious green gardens, bunnies happily playing in the meadows, and fish carelessly swimming to and fro through the ocean-- but then you created man. And however seemingly simplistic humans appeared on the outside, humanity's innumerable flaws turned this young earth into a dystopia. Humans have slowly but surely turned on themselves. Not only do individuals fight, kill, and physically harm one another, they also inflict damage that will can harm another individual permanently, by taking away their rights. Human rights are entitled to every being after they are born and should ensure that those individuals have the right to simple necessities like food, water, shelter, and a way to support the ones they love.And although these rights seem too simple to be relevant in today's society, citizens of the United States most often agate their eyes or turn their backs when someone isn't receiving these same simplistic liberties. More than one-fourth of the entire human population lack these human rights (Hunger and Poverty Facts). They do not have access to the necessities that, in America, the citizens take for granted on a daily basis. Simple things like food, water, and shelter are rare commodities in developing countries -- even when they can get their hands on it, the food or water is usually contaminated with bacteria and harmful substances. Every week close to 30,000 people die “from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions” and 90 percent of those victims are under the age of five ( Why water). In the United States--where equality is shouted from the rooftops-- the government only sets aside one minuscule percent of the federal budget... ... middle of paper ... ...n of a penny) just so they can save up for a single item on a restaurant’s dollar menu (Divakaruni). And instead of making small talk with the less fortunate when encountered face to face, Americans tend to have their “hands close tighter on the stroller’s handle” and walk the other way just out of the fear of having to encounter them (Ascher). The quantity of humans lacking simple human rights in the United States in astonishing, but the way we treat them, or lack there of, is even more mind blowing. Human rights are the middle ground of humanity. Whether they are a goal to achieve or something to care less about, all humanity can relate to them. however, the way we treat the other side of that scale is not humane. Americans need your help for us to step down from our pedistles and act out what we say. That through that help we can finally achieve human equality.

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