Earthquake Research Paper

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Earthquake is one of the major reasons of human disasters, building collapse, fires, tsunamis (seismic sea waves) and eruption of volcanoes etc. The earth crust consists of several thin, wide and inflexible plates that are in regular motion. The seismic vibrations are produced on the earth surface due to sudden rupture of plates, releasing accumulated strain energy [1]. Numerous techniques have been reported in the literature which are based on the measurement of velocity and acceleration of seismic vibrations [2]-[5]. The existing methods, usually measure acceleration only and fail to record its peak values, with fine accuracy [5]-[7].
Moreover, the response of existing methods is of the order of several seconds [5],
[8]. Generally, before an earthquake, there are foreshocks, having a strong similarity of their pattern with the main shock [9]-[13]. The findings have revealed that the foreshocks are best forecaster of earthquakes [10]-[12]. The foreshocks are generated and measured in the same way as the main shock.
However, the magnitude of velocity and acceleration of ...

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