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During the 1970’s the single event of Earth Day can be represented as the emergence of modern environmentalism that generated the relationship between the population and their environment. Finis Dunaway, and associate professor in the department of history at Trent University, clearly emphasizes in his article Gas Masks, Pogo, and the Ecological Indian: Earth Day and the Visual Politics of American Environmentalism, the multiple events that involved the effect of mass media and environmentalists that led to the awareness of the environmental crisis occurring throughout the nation. The primary purpose in the creation of Earth Day is beyond increasing concerns about pollution, but also to present a wide range of other ecological problems and…show more content…
When introducing the topic of Earth Day and its “diverse range of visual terms”, Dunaway stated it was composed of “cultural, political and visual practices”, however, cultural practices is not thoroughly defined or analyzed (Dunaway, 2008, p.67). The visual images Earth Day helped produce led to public culture, however, Dunaway failed to accurately examine the effects they had on the people and their potential details. Compared to other works such as The Seventies: The Great Shift in American Culture, Society, and Politics, Dunaway’s article does not sufficiently discuss visual cultural practices that affected the general public during the 1970’s or their impact in…show more content…
During the seventies, media played a vital and crucial role in conducting the behavior and perspective of the people. Environmentalists also contributed in providing a solution to improve the conditions of the environment and call for government action instead of holding the individual responsible. Imperatively, anyone with ecological, political or social interest and its correspondence with society will benefit from Dunaway’s meticulous article and noteworthy experience in the field of

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