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Imagine taking a slice of bread and picking off small pieces every hour. Eventually there would be no more bread left. Now imagine taking 6.8 billion barrels of oil from the Earth each year for people to use in the United States. Eventually there will be no oil left for people around the world because oil is a raw material that does not renew itself. Mankind takes advantage of many the resources that planet Earth provides. The Earth’s population adversely impacts its precious environment through the use of transportation, the overall destruction caused by war, and the amount of raw materials used without replacement. The environmental impact of transportation is a major issue because of the amount of air pollution it causes. Cars, trains, trucks, buses, and airplanes produce pollutants such as nitrous oxides, particulates, and carbon dioxide. Road transportation is the largest contributor to global warming. Some air pollutants and particulate matter produced by these vehicles can get into the soil and fresh rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans. The pollutants effect the animals and pl...

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