Early Intervention and RTI

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What are the benefits of implementing early intervention and RTI’s for children with early signs of a learning disability? This is a serious topic because of the increase over the years of children with learning disabilities. Instead of just placing students in special education programs educators must assess and evaluate students. As well as try early intervention programs and responsiveness to intervention known as RTI to try to delay the disability or stop the disability from forming and progressing. I have gathered articles that show the implementing of early intervention programs and RTI models to enhance children that show signs of an early learning disability. The articles all show how these programs can help students progress in academics as well as behavior areas in the classroom. In the article titled Responsiveness to Intervention: Evidence and implications for learning Disability, this article also focused on responsiveness to intervention. The article speaks on the functions and how to properly set up , analyze data and instruct RTI’s. From 1977 to 1994 children with learning disabilities increased from 3.7 million to 5.3 million (Hanushek, Kain & Rivikin, 2001, p.7). The growth of learning disabilities RTI’s were advocated to help children with early learning disabilities. The setup of RTI’s are; to give teachers effective instruction, monitor progress, if child is not responding get more instruction, monitor progress again, and if student is still not responding qualify as special education. School psychologist looked at RTI’s as a problem solving model and labeled the model along with the early intervention program described in 4 steps. Step 1 was compromise the problem and identify, this is when teachers and... ... middle of paper ... ... and RTI’s have shown their significance in schools and classrooms all over the country. These programs are great for helping children and we can see the progress all the way though their academic years, helping children reach their full potential should be the desire for all parents and educators. Works Cited
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